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Frequently asked questions

  • Your Silampos product has a manufacturing defect?
    Our products are manufactured with great care and dedication that require high quality products and are subject to strict controls throughout the manufacturing process. However, if a manufacturing defect is identified, you must present your claim at point of sale where you purchased the same product. If the product is defective manufacturing, will be directed to our Service After Sales Service.
  • In which heat sources stainless steel Silampos cookware can be used?
    • Since 2000, all the kitchenware stainless steel Silampos is suitable for all heat sources (gas, electric, radiant electric, ceramic, induction).
    Compatibility symbols are engraved on the bottom of the pieces:

    • To check if your cookware is compatible with induction can experiment with the application of a magnet in the background. If this grasp, the workpiece can be used for induction.
  • How to remove stains on stainless steel surfaces?
    • White bites in the inner bottom: it can be related to the fact that adding salt before the water is boiling. The salt is not dissolved and goes directly to the bottom part, causing white bites. We recommend adding salt only when water is boiling.

    • Burnt food: add some water and ammonia detergent and let stand for a few minutes. Rinse the piece normally.

    • Limestone spots (white spots): add a little vinegar and water and bring the piece to heat up for a few minutes. Allow to cool and wash normally.

    • Oxide spots (brown patches): Do not use d'metal scouring pads on stainless steel parts cleaning. This type of scouring pads can leave rust stains, permanently damaging the workpiece surface.

    • Food stains: add a little baking soda and water and bring the piece to heat up for a few minutes. Allow to cool and rinse.

    • Excessive heat spots (colored spots): wipe the piece with a diluted solution of 10% Nitric Acid, or opt for the use of brighteners for chrome

    • SILAMPOS cleaner is recommended and effective in removing stains and residues, restoring the shine to the tableware.
  • Can I use a stainless steel scouring pad in Silampos stainless steel cookware?
    • We recommend using stainless steel scouring pad if the part has food particles / grease or are heavily stained (if it overheats for example). This will allow a thorough cleaning and stainless steel passivation. However, this practice may scratch the piece. Thus, we advise you to always rub in the polishing sense.
  • I cannot remove the lid of the casserole / pot, what should I do?
    • This happens when you let cool a piece with the cover, with the heat and fat, was created a vacuum situation. To remove the lid, turn the heat up and eventually remove the piece body cap.
  • The food was clinging to the bottom?
    • This type of occurrence is related to the use pattern of the heat source. We advise you to always heat the piece gradually, ie regulate the heat source at a medium level and go down gradually. You do not need to use the heat source at the maximum settings, for all our stainless steel cookware has a background with excellent heat storage properties in order to save time and energy. If you follow these steps, the heat will be distributed more evenly and the food could best deliver its own fat. Preventing the food from being "grabbed". We recall also that the flame should not exceed the diameter of the piece, to prevent the side handles from warming up.
  • Is there some maintenance advices for Silampos cookware?
    • Carefully read our instruction manuals before using for the first time our products. You will find instructions for use for safe use and maintenance tips to keep your pieces in good condition for longer.

    • If you want to ask another question or obtain more information about our products, please feel free to contact our customer service via e-mail: or the following telephone number: (351) 256 850 400.